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Freight transportation

We transport freight with the help of tilt semi-trailers that require responsible care. Our transporting trucks meet EURO 6 and EURO 5 standards. All vehicles are equipped with a satellite system allowing to get accurate information about each vehicle’s movement and location. It also ensures the freight safety.


The company carries out international and local transportation to / from Western Europe (including Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Poland). We also transport freight throughout the Baltic region (including Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). We are constantly expanding our shipping network to include new countries.

Storage of goods

We provide warehousing services aiming to ensure that all your shipments are properly protected and are delivered to the required address in a timely manner. You can deliver your freight to our designated warehouse or order freight transportation service directly from us. We will pick up your freight directly from the supplier or factory and store it in safe conditions for as long as required.

Working With Us Is Easy!

We quickly respond to changes in the market.

Control over the movement of goods and their delivery times 24/7.

We offer personalised solutions for each freight.

We find compromise in all situations.

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The success of our company is based on our staff’s professionalism.

We value long-term and reliable customer relationships.

We provide services promptly and professionally.

We ensure a quick and confident response in each situation.